Westward, Ho!

A couple of months ago, God tagged me to go on a trip to West, Texas. Actually, I asked Him for a trip to help build houses, and He said, Sure, go to Texas!

When God said “Sure!”, I responded by quavering and hesitating, and wondering whether He thought I really meant what I said. He did, and I did, too. I think.
When my friend Sparkles heard about God’s and my plan, she made up a bunch of friendship bracelets and sent them around the country, so a gaggle of people are wearing Florida-Sunshine-and-Water-colored friendship bracelets to commemorate my trip! And to pray the team through the week.

West explosion

This explosion of a fertilizer plant in West happened one evening in April. As a result of the explosion, 15 people were killed, hundreds injured, and a crater 93 feet around was blasted. Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. Enter Team Florida, to join lots of other people who have gone out there to help.

We’ll be driving out this Saturday, August 17. We’ll be reporting for duty with a smart salute, and we’ll do whatever we’re told. I’m not sure what we’ll be told to do, but I’m sure that God already has that detail worked out. Stay tuned; I’ll introduce you to the team on Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Westward, Ho!

  1. Hi!! My daughters and I are also sporting the jaunty orange with a splash of ocean bracelets. What a wonderful fashion statement…we are praying along with you. Many blessings to you as you serve Him and His children!!

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