Quest for boudin

Quest for Boudan

Matt and I were sent to the grocery store for foodstuffs for tonight‘s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast. Before the trip, John had announced that he loves cooking, and would be happy to cook for the team. Whew! As the only girl with this team, wasn’t I concerned about being stuck with KP! Again I say: whew! John loves to cook.
So, he promised to make Crawfish et tu fait.  He gave Matt and me the grocery list. I saw an entry called “boudan”. Matt determined that boudan must be a seasoning, so he studied the seasoning section. He said he’d take care of that item, and I could get the other things. Sure!
I walked away quoting Joe Pechi in  “My Cousin Vinny”. I muttered to myself, “What is a Boudan?” Actually, Pechi had said, “What is a grit?”
I laughed and laughed, thinking about how in the world are we going to find something when we don’t even know its category?
I got all the other things on the list and saw that Matt was now studying an area devoted to Cajun ingredients. Cans of stuff. And he was on the phone with John, calling in support.
Not being impeded by the male allergy to asking for help, I approached a lady who was shopping and asked her where to find boudan. I also asked her, ” What is boudan?” She smiled kindly and not the least condescendingly and said its like a link sausage, and its by the kielbasa. It wasn’t there, so she walked around and helped me find it in a case. She said that’s not the best boudan. The best is found at a little place down the street. She had her husband come over and give directions to that little place.
The fun y thing is, where to get the good boudan became a topic of conversation at the Waters Edge. Several people weighed in on the best boudan. Then Kevin chimed in about the best place to get cracklings. These people take their food seriously. I love these people.
The Crawfish et tu fait was fabulous. We had it over rice, and I happily washed dishes afterward.

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