The Town of West

The town of West was named for a man by the same name. I’m not sure what Mr West did to earn that honor; I didn’t read the entire historical sign. I’ve had several drive-throughs of the town, and I’ve eaten in one of the several Czech restaurants. There is a railroad track that runs right down the middle of the town, and we’ve heard the train whistle about every hour. The young people look you right in the eye and say,”Yes, Ma’am.” The houses are pretty. They are in neat little neighborhoods. At first glance, you don’t notice anything wrong. Then you see the serifs at the lower corners of the house.  That’s where you can see what happened when a 1000-mph blast lifted the house up off the foundation and set it back down. You can just imagine what would happen to every single thing in your house if it moved a couple of inches in a second. One lady was knocked right off the couch she was sitting on. And her house is a mile from the blast site.

Lots of the other houses are no longer there. Empty lots show no evidence of the memories that grew there, except chunks of rubble from smashed up foundations. I heard of one family that brought out chairs and had a party while watching their house be demolished. They celebrated the fact that their family was together, even though their house was not.
The talk in the Kolache shop is about whether the schools will be ready for the kids on Monday. The elementary school is fine, but the junior high and senior high are destroyed. Some modular units have been brought in, and I’ve seen truckloads of chairs headed that way. But there is lots of rubble still there.
*Kolache: a pastry filled with ground meat or ham and cheese. This girl is addicted to them. Note to family: I’ll be bringing some home to you.

6 thoughts on “The Town of West

  1. You paint a quaint picture Miss Florida, all while I admire your commitment. By the by – the bracelet is still on, despite the odd looks from the boss!

  2. Hi Miss Florida, I love that you offered to clean dishes after a great meal was prepared. sweet deal that is for sure. Proud of you and your guts. Yeah, guts. I think it must take lots of girl guts to do what you are doing. I am in your corner, lifting you up in prayer. You rock and roll Miss Florida.
    Love ya, Sparkles

  3. Hi Kath, Fran from Indiana lifting you up and your mission. What a servant for God. Lots of hutzpah on your part traveling with all guys and ministering as you are. I am wearing a bracelet Daleen made for me and think of you often. Pray for continued protection and for Gods wisdom and fortitude. Hang in there we are holding your arms up. Your friend in Christ, Fran Foskey

    • Thank you Fran! It’s so great to hear from you after so many years! And thank you for your prayers. I really don’t feel alone, with all the friends around the country wearing friendship bracelets.

  4. Continuing to lift you up in prayer and love Miss Sparkle’s bracelet as I think of you much more often! Happy to hear all is well…your sister in Christ, Patti

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