Fruit of the Spirit: Bossiness

So bossiness might not be in the top 10 fruits, but God used that fruit in me today. To His glory, I hope. Our crew showed up at the old warehouse this morning. The lumber wasn’t yet on site, and there were no volunteers in sight. We signed our paperwork and asked God to continue His blessings and His provisional care on West. Then things started hopping. Home Depot sent the lumber. A group of volunteers called to say they were on the way. I quickly got appointed to coordinate their tasks. Enter Bossy Fruit.
The group was a youth group from 15 miles away in Waco: 2 boys, 4 girls and their pastor. Those kids ( the youngest was in 8th grade, the oldest a high school senior) jumped right in and cleared out debris, then began the task of sweeping out a 2500 ‘ warehouse. For those like me, who can’t relate to that number, if I walk from the back door to the front, it’s 48 steps. They also neatly stacked the lumber for the new floor in a convenient spot.
The kids worked very long hours with very short
breaks (remember my fruit), and made a huge difference in the project.
On Friday, two trucks will be bringing in furniture, kitchen items, and linens for those who are ready to pick them up. Most people who may need those things are still living with friends or relatives because their homes are still an empty lot. Many homes are still standing, waiting for the wrecking ball.
This building was originally a saloon, then someone converted it into a hardware store. More recently, it’s been sitting empty. At some point, with water damage, the area under 15 sheets of plywood sustained water damage, as well as the floor joists. Matt pulled up flooring and crumbling floor joists. The youth group hauled it all out of the way.

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