He Saved Me From Drowning


Today is Sunday. Guess where I was this morning? I was at Real Church. Normally, I sit in the pew and listen to the good news. Today, the folks participated in Real Church: we,  who normally sit in the pews went out into the community went out to tell other people the good news. We got to pick our team. I went with the team that did yard work—hooray! Another chance to get outside and make things beautiful! We weeded, power washed, raked & trimmed the Christian Study Center, a renovated house that serves as a study place/coffee shop for university students.

Before we left to meet at our site, we were given our marching orders: The message was that we are stepping out and making a permanent decision to do what we were meant to do. Each team was given a permanent marker, and invited to write our inspiration on our shirts.  Bob sat beside me, told me what he wanted written on his shirt. I penned “I’m Stepping Out” on the back of his shirt.  I had him write on mine the sentiment that I have about what Jesus did for me when I was underwater with sadness.
Some other teams helped develop curriculum for tutoring, fixing tiger cages for a woman who rescues animals, pray for the persecuted Christians, build a handicap ramp at someone’s house, and some of the teams prepared and served meals to the folks who were doing manual labor.

I can’t end this with what sounds like a pat on the back for the people here. The glory goes to God. His Creation is beautiful, and His love is forever. I’m thankful for Him, and I was honored to serve him this morning.


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