I am thankful for friends, because they make my life sweeter! A couple of weeks ago, I asked God for a houseful of guests for a Thanksgiving meal, and boy, did He deliver! I stood in my foyer adjoining my dining room, and asked God to fill it up all the way to the wall with people. See the stair railing? That’s the wall that I pointed to to ask God to fill it up to that point. Do you see my dad sitting with his back against that wall? That was God who was responsible for that.

Fast-forward: Thanksgiving afternoon. The table is set with 18 places, and the doorbell rings: Two more! We have to add a card table, extending it all the way to the wall I had pointed to when I asked God for it! We scrambled for a couple more forks & plates.


This is half of us; there were 20 people sitting at the table (actually, 3 tables smashed together).  Most of these people had never met before today; they represent all the people I could find who would otherwise be alone for Thanksgiving. They joined me and my parents and my kids. Isn’t it cool how comfortable they are with each other?

I’m going to count my blessings:

1. Two of the folks exchanged phone numbers because they discovered that they lived near each other, and had common interests!

2. The two teenagers said, “Cool! We’re going to play games!”

3. My kids had a nice time, even though their house was flooded with people they didn’t know previously.

4. My new daughter-in-law enjoyed herself, and participated in the introduce-your-new-friend game!

5. New smiles on faces.



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