The Happy Season, Day 2

Who knew that there would be a Pow Wow in Florida? But there is, and so I gathered the left-overs of my Thanksgiving company (my daughter and her two friends), and together we clamored off to find it. Image

And sure enough, it was everything that we had seen in Oklahoma, where I attended every single pow wow that was within a day’s drive to us. There was Indian fry bread, booths selling all things feathery/leather/artifacty, and there was dancing! And regalia! And honor and respect to all things sacred: country, men and women serving in our armed forces, police and fire departments, and a dance to honor the elders in the community. And there were men sitting around a large drum, chanting out a rhythm with their voices and their percussion as the people walk/danced around the ring which had been blessed. And the Creator was honored, as was the son and the Holy Spirit.


One thought on “The Happy Season, Day 2

  1. I remember the pow wows in Oklahoma. The boys remember them as well. At one, they were not even watching the show, they were catching fireflies. 🙂
    The rhythm, yes, the rhythm. I remember and I am smiling.
    Thanks for sharing the picture. I can feel the rhythm through the computer screen.
    hugs from Washington.

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