Is there a God?

Yesterday, once again, God showed me and my buddy that He loves us and cares for us in a pretty normal way. I wasn’t shocked because I am a kept woman—-He loves me all the time! He keeps me well-fed and well-loved. Sparkles wasn’t shocked, either; just pleased and delighted.

Sparkles and I got together for a fun day.  The last time we saw each other was when our kids were little and underfoot. Yesterday, we talked about our sons’ wives. It’s been that long since we’ve talked face to face. We planned to get together and giggle and soak up some rays, but beyond that we had not much of a plan. So I got up plenty early (I couldn’t sleep anyway!) and drove to her hotel where she and her husband were staying for a conference.

Being crunchy, I wondered vaguely how in the world we were going to find someplace to eat. God had that all mapped out for us in advance, so we meandered beach-ward and giggled and I mostly got us to our destination. I don’t think either of us noticed my wrong turns and our long way to get there, because of the loud volume of our giggling and talking.

By the way: we didn’t do a speck of reminiscing. We have this type of rare friendship: even though we hadn’t seen each other since the 1990’s, we have been talking online & text, and when we saw each other, we just kind of picked up the thread of our conversation that started last decade! We did do a bit of reflecting, but no maudlin reminiscing.


So here’s the God part: on our trek beach-ward, the lady from the quilt shop in Orlando told us about a quilt shop near our destination of Cocoa Beach. We giggled and gabbled all the way along the highway, and I spotted the quilt shop in Cocoa. Since I overshot my mark, I found a little nondescript plaza to turn around in. As is my habit, I most usually overshoot my mark and have to make a U-turn. Because my riding-shotgun gal was in the middle of a story, she didn’t notice the shop.  That’s okay. It’s my pattern: I get there on the second shot. Usually. Well, as I turned the car around, I spotted a little diner called, “The Garden Place” and under that, it said, “Organic.” Voila! It was as if God said: “Your table is ready for you. I’ve been expecting you.”

Worried about finding a place with good food to eat? No problem, says my God. Worried about anything else? I’ve got that, too, He says. So we ate an incredible salad, piled high with tuna and hummus and fresh greens & sprouts. The cook, who looked like my mom except she wore a hair net, brought our salads to the table.

Sparkles was surprised that we could find such a place. I was mildly surprised, but not really. I’m telling you: God cares for me in ordinary ways. He’s so cool! So we ate and lingered a very long time. Then we crossed the street and lingered in the quilt shop for a very long time and chatted with other ladies who were lingering over fabrics. We oohed-and ahhed over the quilts there, and got inspired for our next project. Mine: a modern quilt of slate and chartreuse. Hers: a modern jungle print called Ebb and Flow. Perfect souvenir for a trip to Florida, and perfect allusion to our lives, don’t you think?

Our chattering continued as we found the beach. It’s a pretty large target, taking up the entire coast of Florida, swooping down one side and all the way up the other,  so I knew eventually we’d hit it. There was an island blocking our way, but we crossed that. And the conversation continued. We didn’t agree on every point;  Sparkles told me she can’t really relate to me being happily divorced. (More on that in another post on another day.) That’s okay; I couldn’t really relate to every single facet of her musings.

Our conversation will continue online and by phone. And in fact, we can’t seem to quit talking. She texted me as I pulled out of her hotel after dropping her off, and I had to hurry to pull over to see what she said. Her text read: “Best Day Ever.”

I can’t agree more.










3 thoughts on “Is there a God?

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  2. I just love how you trust in our Heavenly Father and see Him all around you!!!
    SO happy you and your (our) friend had such a glorious day 🙂

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